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about ships

1) Is the French International Register (RIF) a EU registry ?

Yes. The RIF is a EU registry, which guarantees to the vessels registered in it access to national European Union members states waters cabotage provided they are not solely exploited on national cabotage.

2) Which vessels can be registered in the RIF ?

  • Vessels employed in deep sea trades or international cabotage can be registered in the RIF,
  • Commercially operated leisure vessels over 24 m in overall length manned with a professional crew can also be registered.

    3) Which vessels can not be registered in the RIF ?

  • Passenger vessels trading between European Union countries, as well as on some lines between the EU and third countries,
  • vessels operating only on national cabotage, or providing services in area where port regulations applies (such as boatmen’s and pilot’s launches, harbour tugs, signalling vessels, harbour maintenance dredgers),
  • professional fishing vessels.

    4) Which are the rules applicable in regard with safety, security, and environmental protection ?

    Vessels registered in the RIF are submitted to all rules regarding safety, security, and environmental protection in force as per French law, European regulations and France international commitments.

    5) Whom do I have to address to to contact the RIF ?

    The “ Guichet unique” (single window) of the Rif, located in Marseille :

    Guichet unique du Registre International Français (RIF)
    5 Place de la Joliette
    13002 Marseille

    Tél : 04 26 84 57 62

    Fax : 04 26 84 57 65

    6) What is the role of the "guichet unique" ?

    The RIF Guichet Unique is the unique entry point of the ship owner/operator for any operation regarding registration and “francisation”. It receives and manages any demand regarding these procedures. It will also intervene to facilitate relations between the owner and the various administration departments any time the ship owner will need it for any operations regarding his vessel.


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